Giovanni Antonio Spano

Born in Olbia OT, coastal city in north east Sardinia on 22/09/1973, graduated in Architecture from the Polytechnic of Milan in 1998, with a thesis on ‘The Morphogenetic Evolution of the Old Port of Olbia.’

Member of the Architects of the Province of Sassari registration no.324 since 1999.

Member of the Italian National Institute of Urban Planning INU.

Member of the Italian Institure of Cogeneration.

Masters in Enviromental Acoustic from the Technical University of International Studies, Switzerland.

Qualified Safety Coordinator under EU law for legislative decree no.81/2008.

Consulant for urban planning and landscape across municipalities on both public and private sector project.

Working agreement with the University of Sassari within the department of Architecture for Urbanism and Design.

Working agreement with the University of Bologna and Cesena University Campus for science and education.

Work experience and job placements at Turin University Polytechic Director of A+1 Engineering.

Co – Technical Director of A1 Engineering, coordinator for design and technological infrastructure, safety and maintenace projects.